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Push Notifications

Send scheduled messages to your customer base.


Fence off specific areas on a virtual map to target customers that are enclosed, coming or going.

Beacon Alerts

Notify consumers when they approach your business or store.

Learn How to Send Push Notifications 

Use Push Notifications to instantly send alerts to your customers about special events & promotions anytime, anywhere!

  • Geo-Target messages to specific areas
  • Choose from a variety of template photos
  • Post to Facebook & Twitter at the same time

Geo-Target messages to specific areas. Choose from a variety of template photos. The Message tab feature displays previously sent push notifications.

How Push Notifications Can Help Your Business

Using push notifications in an effective way can be tricky. There’s a balance that you and your app has to walk, one where you balance between trying to get customers to open your app and trying not to scare them away entirely. Push notifications allow your app to let your user know about new messages, events, or savings even if they’re currently not using your app. Too many of these messages can leave users feeling haunted or even chased by your apps but too few can mean that users never really have the incentive to tap your app’s icon ever again.

Learn about Geo-Fencing

Set up a target area, the date and time and your message will get to your customers’ smartphone once they enter the GEO Fence Area, this is the newest way to drive traffic into your business. Watch our video to see how easy it is.